How to become a consultant

You are interested in increasing your exposure and network as a sustainability and positive impact consultant?

Then you have found a great place. We offer you an attractive package to feature your profile with us. Join us by creating your consultant profile here clicking ‘Become a consultant’ button and we will review your application and confirm your content shortly. Before your profile becomes visible, we will ask you to pay the annual membership fee (see below). 

We hope this message finds you in continued good health and spirit. We have received some good feedback to our letter last week, which we have integrated in our consolidated offer we have been working on for the past months. . Here is an overview of what the platform offers to consultants: 

  • Rent our helpdesk space to showcase your expertise
  • Promote your expertise in our community space
  • Feature your own tool, to highlight your expertise
  • Design & record an online course in your market niche

In this challenging time where online communication is being tested at a large scale, we sense it is the right moment to share the unique  opportunities we offer our consultants to grow and develop your business with us:

  1. Rent our helpdesk space to showcase your expertise:

We are sponsored by the UN Global Compact Switzerland to operate a free online helpdesk. The consultants who are hosting this space are experiencing how valuable such direct customer contact is and how this can translate into direct business. We are now introducing the opportunity to rent this space for a two-week period for CHF 480 and will promote your specific expertise on the helpdesk landing page and within the UNGC membership community of leading companies (what an awesome marketing kick!). Express your interest here to book a week in 2020 or come back to us at any time later. 

  1. Promote your expertise in our community space and network: 

You can announce your events (online or offline) on our community space for FREE. You can launch a discussion on any topic of your choice for FREE. We will promote both of these on social media. Also, you can create an open or closed working group for any project you have for FREE. You are invited to contribute a webinar topic of your choice for FREE. We have open slots in the April - June webinar calendar and will reach out to you shortly with an opportunity to register. 

  1. Feature your own tool, to highlight your expertise:

Here is a great way to promote a tool that you have developed or that you master. You can upload any such tool on our platform for FREE. This includes a space where you define your service offer on how this tool is used and what you would charge for a consulting hour or the tool. One more entry point for clients to find you. They may search for the tool and find you via the tool you offer. 

  1. Design & record an online course in your market niche:

Online courses are a great shortcut to writing a book to demonstrate your expertise and enhance your expert competency. While requiring some dedicated time, it takes markedly less time to design and record an online course than writing a book. We have a fantastic online tool that allows you to self-create your online course. You can then promote it using our platform and your network. Free sessions are great ways to promote what you do and increase your audience reach. We charge 15% of our course fee (we recommend $88 / per course) plus CHF 480 to use the online course creation tool for a period of 1 month (ample time to prepare & upload a course). Why not give it a try. Check out our first course samples here and contact us at any time if you are interested to pursue. 

In addition, do remember that you can join our community of like-minded changemakers:

If you have the energy to contribute to the expansion and development of this platform, let us know. What are you good at and what would you like to contribute? We are continuously developing new offers and opportunities and we welcome your ideas to help our consultants to fly so that together we make this world a better place. We gladly talk with you online to see how we can embrace your competency and include you in one of our active volunteering teams. 

Last but not least, there is a further opportunity coming soon, enabling you to confirm your expertise with the professional Changemaker Certification

Clients love to see how credible you are. Nothing creates more visibility on LinkedIN than a new position or a completed certification. We offer a new certification for experienced professional changemakers like you, allowing you to add a further certificate to your LinkedIN page, enhancing your authority in the field. 

You have benefited to date for a free registration to our platform, showcasing your consulting profile. We have meanwhile developed the platform with additional services and partnerships. It is time now to get down to business and to ensure that you have a powerful way to counteract the current downturn that you may experience as a result of the coronavirus. Maintain your profile on our website and register for a single-year annual subscription for CHF 280, or a two-year subscription of CHF 180 per annum. To avoid credit card charges, we appreciate if you transfer your chosen subscription to the following account: 

O   CHF 280 for a single-year

O   CHF 360 for two-years (at a price of CHF 180 per year)

Payable to: Mission Possible Foundation, Reference: Positive Impact Space Consulting Subscription, Credit Suisse, 6030 Luzern, IBAN: CH24 0483 5146 8332 8100 1, SWIFT: CRESCHZZ80A

Do you have questions? We are glad to talk with you here.

Warm regards, 
The Positive Impact Speace Team