The Role of Smart Cities in Sustainable Development

The Role of Smart Cities in Sustainable Development

How urban innovations make cities inclusive, resilient and sustainable

The 2-day course will enable participants to learn and assess different concepts of smart city strategies. Smart cities and communities play a central role in climate change and are one of the key Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). You will acquire knowledge about integrated energy & mobility solutions, green & sustainable buildings, smart infrastructure and multi-stakeholder approaches for citizen engagement.

Through interactive lectures, hands-on simulations and engaging group exercises, you will learn relevant conceptual frameworks, tools and facilitation guidelines to design smart city strategies.
Course objectives:
Learn how to assess different concepts of smart city strategies
Smart city strategies in terms of resilience & sustainability
Learn about innovation processes and urban innovation laboratories
Learn how new governance mechanisms support climate action
Understand integrated energy & mobility solutions
Understand green & sustainable buildings, smart infrastructure
Understand multi-stakeholder engagement and social inclusion
This course is created for:
Change agents interested in new governance mechanisms to support climate action projects and urban innovation labs
City administration seeking basic understanding of smart city issues and concepts
Consultants with the desire to design a smart city framework strategy


Dr. Stefan Gara

Stefan is member of the Vienna City Council and Provincial Parliament. His political field of expertise focuses on, urban planning, housing, mobility & transport, energy & climate protection, innovation and public health.
He is founder and former director of ETA Environmental Management GmbH a leading Austrian consultancy firm for more than 25 years focusing on sustainable development and business innovation, smart cities and energy & mobility strategies. ETA co-launched the Vienna Smart City Initiative in 2011 and consulted the Vienna Smart City Framework Strategy.

Course Fee

Included in course fee

  • Coffee
  • Snacks and lunch
  • Hand-out material
  • Any material required in course

Excluded in course fee

  • Travels to location
  • Overnight stay
  • Dinner

Cancellation Fee

  • 30% 5 months or more
  • 50% 4 months or more
  • 80% 3 months or more
  • 100% 2 months or more

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