Leadership without leaders

Leadership without leaders

Achieving direction, commitment and alignment through collaborative leadership

This course will enable participants to make diversity work by understanding and applying the specifics of collaborative modes of working together. Participants gain practical collaboration tools and frameworks, as well as facilitation and leadership skills that allow them to initiate and co-create collaborative projects and steward change towards a more collaborative organizational culture.

Through interactive lectures, hands-on simulations and engaging group missions, you will learn relevant conceptual frameworks, tools and facilitation guidelines to effectively lead collaboration and help leadership develop as a collaborative effort.
Course objectives:
Differentiate coordination, cooperation, co-creation and collaboration
Assess work contexts for their need and potential for collaboration
Apply digital & analog collaboration tools
The potential of collaboration tools as a collaborative infrastructure
Acquire facilitation techniques for collaborative decision-making
Design a collaboration road map for a team, organization or project
This course is created for:
(Project) Managers seeking to introduce more collaborative ways of working for / with the project team or organization
Entrepreneurial and institutional change agents that wish to establish collaboration across organizations or sectors
Consultants of agile and new ways of working that desire to take a deep dive into questions of collaboration & leadership
Facilitators seeking to add critical tools and process knowledge to their leadership training skill box


Dr. Björn Müller

Björn Müller, PhD, is co-founder and managing director of STRIDE, the Zurich-based ‘unSchool for Collaborative Leadership and Social Innovation’. As impact-driven educational entrepreneur & learning designer, Björn co-shapes Stride’s pioneering programs that effectively integrate impact project incubation, entrepreneurship & leadership development as well as personal growth. He obtained his PhD on “Organizational Creativity and Collaboration” from the University of St. Gallen (HSG), where he still acts as guest lecturer on creativity & innovation. Among several expert mandates, Björn contributes to academic workgroups on the future of management education.

Course Fee

Included in course fee

  • Coffee
  • Snacks and lunch
  • Hand-out material
  • Any material required in course

Excluded in course fee

  • Travels to location
  • Overnight stay
  • Dinner

Cancellation Fee

  • 30% 5 months or more
  • 50% 4 months or more
  • 80% 3 months or more
  • 100% 2 months or more

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