Innovation for corporate success

Innovation for corporate success

Making sustainability effective

This course addresses sustainability and its importance for business leaders. Research shows a discrepancy between current corporate commitment to sustainability and its effective contribution to solving sustainability challenges. This raises questions about the sustainability effectiveness and how companies can make a significant contribution to solving sustainability challenges while achieving a positive financial result.

Participants will understand what sustainability means and what impact it has on the strategic orientation of a company as well as its business model. They will recognize how to develop business model innovations through entrepreneurial and forward-looking thinking (risks and chances), while integrating sustainability holistically into business success.
Course objectives:
The fundamentals of effective sustainability
The sustainability in context of social and economic development
The link between sustainability, strategy & business model innovation
How effective sustainability as a holistic anchor in companies
Develop & evaluate transformation measures for implementation
Think, decide and act in an entrepreneurial & future-oriented way
This course is created for:
Aspiring future sustainability managers & consultants
Professionals, managers and entrepreneurs with an interest in sustainability and responsible leadership


Dr. Gianina Gaviezel

Gianina is CEO at Input Consulting, a strategy and marketing consultancy in Switzerland. Finished her PhD in Sustainability Management at the University of St. Gallen with a focus on effective sustainability strategies. Lecturer on this topic at the University of St. Gallen. Partner in a sustainable start-up in the fashion industry. Former founder and head of Student Impact, a student consulting firm that supports sustainable start-ups and SMEs on business relevant topics. Former strategic consultant at PwC in restructuring, strategic and financial reorganization and growth strategies across a variety of industries.

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  • Hand-out material
  • Any material required in course

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  • Overnight stay
  • Dinner

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  • 30% 5 months or more
  • 50% 4 months or more
  • 80% 3 months or more
  • 100% 2 months or more

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