About us

About Us

Our aim is to create a space for changemakers of all kind interested in collaborating on creating a positive impact.

We are organized as Swiss association with various types of members including our active, associate, expert and honorary members. A core group of active members elect the Executive Committee. For 2019, the Executive Committee consists of the following members: Marena Eirich (Marketing & Outreach), Community (election pending), Katrin Muff (SME helpdesk), Tools (Michele Soavi) and Certification (Tom Koch). The President, Secretary and Treasurer are elected by the General Assembly annually. For 2019 these roles are filled by Katrin Muff (President), Josefina Espinosa (Secretary) and Micele Soavi (Treasurer). Course providers and consultants become automatically expert members. You can become an active or associate member by contacting us and highlighting your interest in contributing to the development and management of the platform. The honory members are representatives of the initial funders (the Mission Possible Foundation) and the members of the Sustainability Tribe. The association is operated as a ring-fenced project of the Mission Possible Foundation, located in Lausanne, Switzerland.

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Community of practice

Do you have projects to share or do you wish to participate in special subject groups? Join the community and feel the magic when like-minded changemakers meet.

The community of practice welcomes changemakers who seek to contribute to a positive impact. Bring your own projects and ideas or join those of others. Choose if the group you want to create is open for everybody or is private. Read updates from others, be inspired and share your best knowledge, ideas and connections so that the projects can succeed. Because, together we can create the change we wish to see in the world.



Are you interested in updating your competencies and skills to bring about change? Book the perfect course for your next development phase in a place near you.

Our course offering includes leading-edge courses from experienced professors that are highly recognized in providing inter-active executive education. The courses include a wide range of topics and approaches relevant to complete your profile with the latest knowledge, skills and competencies in the area of sustainability leadership and strategy, stakeholder engagement and cross-sector initiatives for organizations of all kind.

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Are you looking for an expert to support your organization in a current change process? Find here dedicated consultants of different provenance in one convenient space.

Implementing the change your organization needs is often achieved faster and smoother with a competent consulting partner. Identify your perfect partner who brings the required experience, tools and competencies to help you achieve the strategic, organizational and cultural transformation. Our consultants help your organization realize the opportunities connected with Sustainable Development Goals and other global challenges.

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Do you need tools, methods and approaches to implement the change you seek? Check out the latest sustainability and change management tools here.

Leading your organization in a fast-changing context of global challenges requires top-notch strategic oversight, measuring, assessment and reporting tools. The tools featured in this space are proven, leading-edge enablers to bring about the change you seek. Be it at a personal, an organizational or a larger societal level. Some tools are for free, some come with tailor-made advice, some you can learn and use yourself.

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Do you want to learn in the convenience of your space and whenever you want? Our growing selection of online courses will enable you to acquire new skills.

Do you find it challenging to read a book? Do you wish things were broken down in bit-size content that is interactive and varied? Our thought leaders are translating their best lessons into convenient online courses that consist of short 5-10-minute video, audio, text, reflection or quiz sessions so that your shorter attention span doesn’t rob you of your hunger to learn. This space is in development and the offer will grow over time. Feel free to suggest new topics!

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